Sava Sekulić Self-Taught

The great retrospective exhibition of Sava Sekulić Self-Taught artist has opened on 20. of October 2016. in Kuća Legata Gallery in Belgrade, Serbian capital. It would last until the 11. of November 2016. At the exhibition big catalog  of Sava Sekulić would be found. On the exhibition about 40 art works of Sava are exposed, mostly […]

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Milan Stanisavljević, full in emotion, is explaining the meaning of the sculpture in his atelier. The terrace of it is situated on the roof of Belgrade with a splendid sight seen on Serbian Capital. The conversation with the artist is always exciting. The art work becomes closer for understanding. In addition you would find some of […]

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Naive Paintings in Serbia

Serbian Naive Painting, in fact, are true works of art, by Serbian wonderful artists working in the genre of naive art. It is impossible to say which country was the first to give the world this direction. But Serbia is one of them for sure. It was here in two Serb villages Jagodina and Kovacica, […]

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