About Naive Art

Naive art is the kind of art arising from the deep of an artist’s soul with no regard of his awareness to the talent. This is the need to express the internal impulse carrying in them.

Naive workdusanjeftoviczimass are often extremely detailed. There is a tendency toward the use of brilliant, saturated colors rather than more subtle mixtures and tones. There is also a characteristic absence of perspective, which creates the illusion that figures are anchored in the space. The result is that figures in naive paintings are often “floating”.

The appreciation of naive art has been a fairly recent phenomenon. Many of the artists still living never expected their work to be so eagerly collected. By the mid-20th century most developed nations had naive artists who had risen to some prominence. While some naive painters consider they are professional artists and seek public recognition of their work, others refuse to exhibit for profit and paint only for themselves, their families, friends or for religious institutions.

One of the best definition of art as the” Insanity of the soul”. This definition is extremely sssthe-dreamsapplicable to the Outsiders Art and Art Brut.

A number of terms are used to describe Outsiders Art that is loosely understood as “outside” of official culture. Some of the people means “outsider artist” to refer to almost any untrained artist. It is not enough to be untrained, clumsy or naive. Outsider Art is virtually synonymous with Art Brut in both spirit and meaning, to that rarity of art produced by those who do not know its name.

Art Brut,  (French: “raw art”), art of the French painter Jean Dubuffet, who in the 1940s promoted art that is crude, inexperienced, and even obscene. Dubuffet, the most important French artist to emerge after World War II, became interested in the art of the mentally ill in mid-career, after studying The Art of the Insane by the Swiss psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn. Dubuffet applied the name Art Brut to the drawings, paintings, and doodling’s of the psychotic, the naive, and the primitive, works that he regarded as the purest forms of creative expression.

Outsider Art is any work of art produced by an untrained idiosyncratic artist who is typically unconnected to the conventional art world—not by choice but by circumstance. The “classic” figures of outsider art were socially or culturally marginal figures. They were usually under educated; they almost invariably embraced unconventional views of the world, sometimes alien to the prevailing dominant culture; and many had been diagnosed as mentally ill. These people nevertheless produced, out of adversity and with no eye on fame or fortune substantial high-quality artistic oeuvres.

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