Magic Vitality of the Marginal

The exhibition was opened in Belgrade, Serbia on 18th of October 2018 with significant public interest. It will last since 30.10.2018. The exhibition is organized by Museum of Naive and Marginal Art from Jagodina with the support of Serbian Ministry of Culture. The best art works of Serbian naive and marginal artists are exposed, mostly from MNMA Collection. […]

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Turbulences dans les Balkans

Group exhibition of 25 selected Serbian outsider artists is taking place in Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France. It will last until 31. of July 2018.

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Naive Paintings in Serbia

Serbian Naive Painting, in fact, are true works of art, by Serbian wonderful artists working in the genre of naive art. It is impossible to say which country was the first to give the world this direction. But Serbia is one of them for sure. It was here in two Serb villages Jagodina and Kovacica, […]

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