Ferenc Pataki

Ferenc Pataki

Ferenc Pataki

He has been painting since 1984 and has exhibited at independent and collective shows in country and abroad.

The naive art of Ferenc Pataki is an urban dweller´s dream of an oasis of peace transposed into an ideal harmony of form and color. With the hurried pace of life, pollution, the alienation of man from nature and his real being, he contrasts Arcadian scenes, the poetry of ideal pictures. These are shady, quiet clearings, hidden amid ancient trees and wooded river banks where peace reigns supreme.

On his canvases everything is elaborated down to the smallest detail: forms, colors, and their distribution in space. The composition has planes and symmetry. Generally the foreground in the shape of a triangle is closed by the branches of trees, the central position in the triangle occupied by a human figure, bird, hay or simply the exciting world of unspoiled nature. He contrasts the clear forms of the foreground with expanses in the background opening to boundless skies, merging with them, not only with diminishing forms but colors as well. Like a rhythmic logical continuation, each theme in the foreground has its distant equivalent in the background: a solitary tree, clearing, human figure.

Dotted surfaces, rhythmically grouped in the branches of tree, are linked by the thickly painted surfaces of tree trunks, while static forms and silence are broken by movements of human figures, the song of a bird.

The colors – subdued, pastel – are adapted to the balanced composition. Dominant are grey-green, brown-green, violet with accents of red, white or a warm brown. The rhythm of colored surfaces harmonizes with the rhythm of forms.

This harmony of earth, water, sky, man and animals is a reflection of the artist´s need for order and regularity enhanced, like music, by emotion. Refuge from the chaotic reality that oppresses him is sought in quiet oases where man and nature unite and dance to the same rhythm.

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