Milan Stanisavljevic

Milan Stanisavljevic

Milan Stanisavljevic

He was born in 1944 in Jabučje village by the side of Kolubara river, near Valjevo town, Serbia. He began his art work in 1961.

He has got the inclination to sculpture from his father, well known naive sculptor. He has started his activity with bas-reliefs, on little of big trunks, having vertical decoration. Afterwards he sought his own way in the true sculpture, working on small or big figures, always respecting the natural shape of wood.

The wood Stanisavljević uses is taken from the sludge of Kolubara river: trunk of trees left for centuries on the river bottom and already undergoing a carbonizing process. The artist cleans them takin away the outer part and he obtains a material which the nature has already prepared giving it also a particular charm.

He is not concerned with the world and life beauty. His philosophy is not the optimistic one. He is interested in the pain of men, in the negative side of life, in the sad human destiny. In actual work he is mostly preoccupied with the wild animals carrying dark or dangerous message and human figures in symbolic matter.

Well known and recognized throughout the World.

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