Tivadar Košut

Tivadar Košut

Tivadar Košut

Tivadar Košut was born in 1947 in Novi Bečej where he resides, though on several occasions when his hometown became too small for him, he answered the call of youthful restlessness and set out in the world. He moved to Hungary in late 20th Century where he lives today.

He began painting in 1967 as a member of the Village group, though there was never any close contact between group and him, and he soon set out alone. Quiet by nature, reserved and uncommunicative, he waited patiently for the public to notice him. When this happened, his paintings gained many admirers.

The search for a distinct style was an arduous one. Adopting a simplified style, free of narration and reduced to symbols, lively warm colours, he paints inner experience, imaginary observations.

Inspired by the Bible, the Tisa River and the Medrano circus, he painted a whole series of pictures of these themes. Regardless of subject, his style is basically subjective, as in his attitude to his surroundings, what he sees and experiences.

As he matured, his morphology, the spiritual basis of his work grew more complex. In recent years his colours have become more intense, gold used functionally rather than as decoration. Drawing on imaginative associations, on poetry that is often surrealistic, he creates paintings on Biblical themes, the Tisa River, a childhood connected with the circus. Better known in recent years, his paintings await comprehensive evaluation. He has exhibited at many independent and group shows in country and abroad.

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